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Morningstar FundInvestor doesn’t just look for funds with competitive advantages—it looks for funds that stay competitive.  We research.  We test.  We scrutinize everything from the strategies and management, to trading costs, and long-term performance.  Then we share all of our findings with you.

If you’re serious about finding the right collection of funds for your portfolio, let Morningstar’s depth, experience, and unbiased recommendations pave the way to your financial success.

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Monthly Issues
Drawing on Morningstar's staff of more than 25 mutual fund analysts and 100 equity analysts, each monthly issue of FundInvestor includes:

- FundInvestor 500: We narrow down the more than 7,000 funds available to bring you unvarnished recommendations and monthly performance data on the top 500 funds that should be on your radar. Plus, get 24/7 access to each fund's full-page, year-end Analyst Report via our companion Web site,

- Fund Medalist Ratings: Our analysts produce a rating on a fund's long-term prospects so that you'll know just where we stand. Of the more than 7,000 funds out there, fewer than 150 have received our top, Gold, rating. We'll also let you know which funds don't impress us with Negative or Neutral ratings.

- The Contrarian: A monthly feature that goes against conventional wisdom to help you uncover hidden gems.

Our Strategy in Action
We seek to pick winning funds with superior management and quantitative characteristics linked to strong performance. Our quantitative research uses the most comprehensive mutual fund database in the world to determine the best strategies for long-term investing success. We then supplement those studies with extensive research of portfolio managers, analysts, and traders through onsite visits and follow-up phone calls.

Free Bonus Reports
Morningstar FundInvestor Subscriber’s Handbook

This guide explains the importance of tuning out the noise and focusing on the drivers of fund performance such as strategy, expenses and management in order to enjoy superior returns.

FundInvestor Online
Access to Morningstar FundInvestor's companion Web site, where you can download the current issue before it arrives in your mailbox, and keep tabs on fund returns and fund news.

E-mail alerts
Stay abreast of the changes that Editor, Russel Kinnel makes to the FundInvestor 500 and his take on important industry events.

And much more, including timely articles that speak to what's on investors' minds right now. From discussions of fund companies and advice for weathering a tough economy, we cover it all.

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