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Morningstar's Inside Secrets to Selecting Mutual Funds That Outperform
Morningstar’s Director of Manager Research Russel Kinnel, shares his 15-plus years of experience researching funds and fund managers to assist you in navigating through thousands of funds and intelligently selecting the right ones for your portfolio. Learn how to apply the results of some of Russ’ most ground-breaking research about what makes a successful mutual fund to your own portfolio. Find out what mutual fund companies are the best--and worst. Learn which 20 funds Russ thinks present the best opportunity today, and use the exclusive Spy Selector tool to find out if your funds pass Russ’ test.

Chapter 1: The Remarkable Gap Between Winners and Losers

Chapter 2: Does Your Manager Eat His Own Cooking?

Chapter 3: New Trading Cost Estimates Shed Light on a Big Mystery

Chapter 4: The Power of Expense Ratios Is Greater Than You Think

Chapter 5: How to Use Total Returns Wisely

Chapter 6: Understanding Mutual Fund Strategies and Fundamental Risk

Chapter 7: How to Find Good Managers and Avoid the Dodgy Ones

Chapter 8: The Inside Scoop on No-Load Fund Companies

Chapter 9: The Inside Scoop on Broker-Sold Fund Companies

Chapter 10: Twenty Great Funds That Passed My Test
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